Sometimes the simplest shift can make the most significant difference. In our endeavor to bring the best and freshest produce to our customers, we remain steadfast in creating sustainable relationships with our farmers, charitable organizations, and recycling programs to reduce energy and waste.


We’ve partnered with many charitable organizations and non-profits throughout Southern California.


  • We recycle all materials possible to minimize waste; office paper, waxed and corrugated cardboard, pallet wood, plastic wrap, plastic ties, and metal. Every month we send over six tons of cardboard to our local recycling center!  Additionally, electronics are either donated or recycling at appropriate locations.


  • Our employees are trained to use appropriate food safety chemicals, at appropriate dilutions to ensure our wastewater is free of unnecessary contaminants. Additionally, our facility restrooms meet the EPA’s specifications for water efficiency.


  • Every light in our facility is energy saving to minimize our energy needs. All fluorescents are T8 or better and every office light is LED. All computers and office/break room appliances are ENERGYSTAR certified. Additionally, our processing facility lights are all on automatic sensors to ensure lights are not running when operations are not in progress.


  • We are leading the effort to ensure all inedible produce is being reintroduced into the natural growing cycle by way of compost. Through our Farm Soil Program, we’ve partnered with local farmers and other distributors, to minimize the amount of produce ending in land fills. Instead our local farmers take the produce and put it through their composting cycle to later reintroduce into their soil. These farms are small and family owned.

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